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  Books written by Michael J. Kouri
Newly Released!
Welcome to Rancho El Rincon de San Pasqual named in  the 1700's by the Spanish Crown. The original land grant included :  north east Eagle Rock, north  east Highland Park,  Altadena,  Pasadena,  South  Pasadena, San Marino and portions of Sierra Madre, California. 

Michael  J.  Kouri,   an  excellent  storyteller  and  historian,  creatively  describes  his unique  research  associated  with  the   investigation   of   legendary  haunted houses throughout Pasadena, California. You thought we were only known for the Rose Parade, the Rose Bowl, Victorian and Craftsman Bungalow houses. But the truth is the Pasadena, California is one of the most Haunted cities in Los Angeles County.

For the very first time, Michael reveals the truth related to the  folloric   tales  most assumed were mere urban legends. He and his team of  scientists, psychics  and  historians  uncovered  the  hidden  truths related to those spirits who haunt their former lodgings.  From houses to bridges, hospitals, and haunted  churches   and  even  a  haunted  department  store, you'll be amazed at the knowledge you'll uncover by reading Haunted Houses of  Pasadena.  This 4th edition features over  300 pages and  400  photographs.  Each book ordered directly from our website comes hand signed &  numbered by  Michael  J.  Kouri . Let us know to whom the books should be signed too when placing your order.  Price $34.00 including sales tax and shipping in the U.S. We will ship internationally - please specify your mailing address for accurate rates outside of the United States.

Excerpts from this compelling book:
I have always known when someone was going to have a baby,  what  the  sex  of  the  child  would  be, and  when people  were  going  to  die -- what I didn't know was how I knew....

Phantasmal Sightings at Pasadena College:

A   misty  ectoplasmic  figure   resembling  a  woman  is   seen  dressed   in    a   flowing  turquoise   gown  is  reported  floating  down  the  halls  of   the  second  story.   She's  always  seen  around  1:00pm. She smiles at  those   who   catch   her   glimpse  before  slowly dematerializing  in  front  of  them --  everyone who reports her image hear a woman's laughter as she disapears from their shocked view....

" I was invited to investigate several homes in one of the most  beautiful parts  of Pasadena known as San Marino. I  found   many   sites   where  poltergeist   activity   was experienced   by   all   who  entered   the  site  yet  the owner  claimed: " Oh, we don't have any of  those  here." 

   I  simply  thought to myself  Wanna  Bet ?    

Read about ghostly banditos who  once  robbed  Pasadena   pioneers   and  experience  bone  chilling tale of  ghoulish  monks  who  wreak  havoc  at the old Mill, feel prankster spectors at the Rose Bowl and read personal accounts from current and past residents who encountered the unexplainable.  Find out why many people believe in the demons  who haunt  San  Marino and  dare  to  enter a haunted movie theater in South Pasadena where dozens   of   empoyees   and   patrons   alike  have   been  pinched  and   poked   by   this   spectral  hell  raiser. 

Journey  underground  to  a  secret  tunnel under our most famous haunted hotel (that until now has only been a myth) and re-live the spiritual accounts of a Top Secret Naval Base who's secrets of the past have never before been discussed or written about until now.  Learn why those who worked and died there feel the need to keep the "ghostly secrets silent" until Michael J. Kouri began his research. 

Haunted Houses of Pasadena has been hailed as a masterpiece by national historians and paranormal societies alike and is about to enter its 4th printing since its release. You'll love reading this book!
<< Haunted Houses Within the Azusa Township
          "Ghostly Abodes of the San Gabriel Valley"
     Take a journey into the San Gabriel Valley's most haunted abodes  with  Michael  J.  Kouri  world renown psychic/medium and his  team  of  haunted  house investigators.   Visit the homestead of Henry  Dalton,  the  original   owner   of   this  land  who is  still seen roaming  throughout  the  valley in search of the squatters who store his  land  for  their  own,  stole  his  water  rights  and  left he and his family  in  financial ruin over 200 years ago. You'll learn about some of  the  most  unusual  encounters   with   ghosts  that  neibors   and visitors  haven't  dared  to  share  until now...See an efigee created upon  the  death  of  one  of  Henry  Daltons  children  drowned  in a tanning  pit,  with  her  own human hair, her eyelashes and even her fingernails  that  was  placed  in  her  own  crib  and was included in family  gatherings  until the last of the Dalton clan was dead. Where is the doll now and why are so many afraid of it?

      Michael J. Kouri will take you into nooks and cranny's no one else  has  ever  tred  until  now  in  this comprehensive thriller. Read about  weird  and  bizarre  tales of fate, look for buried treasure that was  left behind by a Spanish soldier during the Mexican/American war, but  be  careful  he  and  his  stallion  come  back  each year in search of it.  Care  to  visit  one of  4 cemeteries in the San Gabriel Valley   where   the   spirits  of  the  past,  present  and  future  roam aimlessly in search of eternal peace? 
      You'll  read  about  the  most  haunted sites in historic Glendora where ghost babies still cry as they did at their birth over a hundred years  ago  in one of two birthing houses and visit a museum where rocking  chairs  slowly  rock back and forth, where mystical breezes flow  through  the  windows  and  doors that are nailed closed.  Feel the  "cold spots"  that many people feel both living and dead and try and   try  to  catch   a  glimpse  of   Rudolph  Valentino  who is seen riding  on  one  of  his  prize  winning Arabian horses throughout the city  which  was  once  one  of  his  favorite  hiding places where he could escape from his fans and the poparatzi.

      Yes,  the  San  Gabriel  Valley 's  deepest  darkest  secrets are now   revealed   for  anyone  who  wishes  to  learn  about   them  in Haunted  Houses  Within  The  Azusa  Township.  This Very limited edition  is  almost  gone  so  hurry  and  order your own copy today.
Over 200 pages and photographs of these historicly haunted sites and of reah ghosts that can only be seen in Michael J. Kouri's books.

This book is already in its 4th printing, Each copy comes hand signed and numbered by Michael J. Kouri - please specify who you would like your copy signed too at time of order.
Price $25.00 including shipping and Sales Tax
<< Haunted Houses of Monrovia
Chronicles the most haunted hotels, houses, schools and other average every day places that all have ghosts.

Walk along Myrtle avenue but keep a watchful eye open for  the Ghostly  marching  band who is said to appear to hundreds  during  the  Winter  holidays  then  drop  by  a haunted  pet  store  where  spirits of all shapes and sizes dwell.   Be   sure  to  visit  Mystic  Sisters  bookstore  and browse   the  back  room  where  a  ghostly  construction worker  pops  in  and  out  now  and  again  and visit the homes  of  the  city founders who are said to wander the halls  in  search  of  their  deceased  children.

The  hills  are  full of spirits including a wicked old witch who once lived on Hillcrest Drive and who many believe still haunts in search of her black cat "Salem."

Check  out  the Haunted House tour page for a NEW and exciting tour of Haunted Monrovia. This is a very limited edition.     Get  a  copy  before  they're  gone  for  good !
Price $15.00 each including shipping and Sales Tax.
Watch for these exciting new books by Michael J. Kouri
~ True Hauntings of the San Gabriel Valley Due October 2003
~ Haunted Houses of Hollywood   Due Spring 2004
~ Haunted Houses of Los Angeles  Due Summer 2004
~ Journey Beyond The Rainbow Bridge - Animal Spirits
~ Haunted Houses of the San Fernando Valley
~ True Ghost Stories Of The California Missions
~ Haunted Houses of San Francisco
~ True Ghosts Stories At Alcatraz Island
These Editions will be available here first and each come hand signed and numbered by the author...

Do you know of someone who lives in a "real" Haunted House who may need Mr. Kouri's help?

Be sure to email Mr. Kouri directly at

Happy Hauntings!
Michael J. Kouri's books are highly recommended by prestigious Parapsychological experts:

Michael J. Kouri's   Haunted   House   books   provide   a gaggle   of   ghostly  encounters   for   the  armchair  ghost hunter. Kouri mixes his frightening tales with liberal doses of  local  history  and  lore  making  this  work an important  resource   for   anyone   interested   in   the   supernatural spectres outside of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley.  Mr.  Kouri  has  compiled  a  list  of  haunted  houses, from Lucky   Baldwin's   Queen   Anne   cottage  to   Pasadena's Gamble  House,  where  the ghost of Aunt Julia welcomes guests to this very day and Glendora's first birthing house where  phantom  babies  cry.  He   includes   ghost   ridden cemeteries and even a ghost town where the past seems to come alive.

  Michael  J.  Kouri,  an  excellent  storyteller and historian, provides bone chilling tales not recommended for the faint of  heart  or  those  who   are   fearful   of  ghosts   and   the unknown -    you    might   not   want   to   read it after dark!                                  - Richard Senate Author of:
                                 Ghosts of the Haunted Coast
                                 &  The Haunted Southland

  Many  books  have  been written about haunted houses and the paranormal, however,  Michael  J.  Kouri presents his material from the viewpoint of the spirit.    Do discarnates feel and think?   Do  they  continually  suffer ? Does death automatically promote them to paradise or, as some believe, to the depths of the Under-World?   It  is my hope that his books will reduce many of the old  crippling fears and provide a new rationale to replace  centuries  of superstition and limitation.            
                                - Dr. Hazel M. Denning Ph.D. Author of:
                               True Hauntings Spirits with a Purpose

Michael J. Kouri is not only a fine psychic/medium, but he has  a  wonderful  talent  for  writing.  Haunted  Houses of Pasadena   is   an  important  contribution  to  the  field  of parapsychology. - Dr. Patricia L. Kubis Ph.D.  Author of:                                            Conversations Beyond the Light
And from those who enjoy reading about real haunted houses....

" What a fantastic collection of ghost stories perfect for the campfire or just to have around the house for casual entertainment. I couldn't wait to get my copy of this long awaited book. I recommend it to all my friends in school."
-Alyssa Milano, Los Angeles, Ca.

" Another Triumph by my favorite Haunted House Author! Three cheers for Michael J. Kouri and Haunted Houses of Orange County. I especially loved the stories about the ghosts of animals in our county."
- Margie Stallen, Orange, Ca.

" I've lived in Orange County all of my life and had always heard the stories of the Lady in Pink who haunts Yorba Linda, but I never knew how she died or where until I read this fascinating created called Haunted Houses of Orange County. I could hardly put it down."

- Thomas Mallory, Yorba Linda, CA

"Not only is Michael J. Kouri an awesome Story teller, but an incredible psychic/medium too. I hired him for a private reading and was blown away by his incredible accuracy of my life and that of my deceased husbands. Haunted Houses of Orange County is a wonderful collection of stories associated to real spirits and the buildings they choose to haunt. I loved reading about the house that should be haunted in Fullerton and the chapter titled Haunted Museums too. You will love this book if you're interested in parapsychology or ghostly curiosities...."

-Helene Bremmer, Fullerton, Ca.

" I can hardly put Haunted Houses of Pasadena down. Michael J. Kouri is an excellent story teller, but what makes this book so compelling is that the ghost stories are true."     
- Janet O' Brien, Boston, Mass.

"Michael J. Kouri is one Awesome Dude and I highly recommend these books to anyone interested in the real life investigations of real life ghosts, goblins and ghouls."            
- Martina Gomez, Cheyene, Wyoming.

"I don't believe in all this stuff, but enjoyed reading about the exciting adventures that Michael J. Kouri has written about in the book about my hometown Haunted Monrovia."    
- Angela Nichols, Santa Monica, CA.

"Haunted Houses Within the Azusa Township is a fantastic history book, I learned so much about the founders of my area and recommend this book to all of my students.  
- Suzanne Cartwright, Glendora, CA

I loved Haunted Houses of Monrovia since it explains what ghosts are, why they haunt and that they aren't the scary macabre monsters that others would have us believe.          
- Christina Strauss, New York, N.Y.

"I have read everything Mr. Kouri has written and have taken his tour of Haunted Pasadena. What a wonderfully talented person we have living among us today."            
- Johnathan Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

"Haunted Houses of Pasadena is another Triumph by a fine historian and story teller - Michael J. Kouri - You won't be able to put it down."   
- Liz  Edleton, Pasadena Star News

" Wow,  Haunted Houses of Pasadena is a real Winner when it comes  to  a  comprehensive book about real haunted places! I couldn't  believe  how much historical accuracy this author gave his readers along with very interesting anecdotal accounts of spirits who haunt the very places we Pasadenan's call home.
What an asset to our heritage. His Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tours are also just an intriguing and interesting." 

  - Mrs. Helen Carter, Friends of The Pasadena Libaray Association.

" Haunted Houses Within The Azusa Township taught me so much more than I ever thought I knew about my hometown. I loved the historical elements that Mr. Kouri adds to all of his books especially that of Henry Dalton.

No wonder so many people beleive that he still haunts his land to this day, I enjoyed reading about Rudolph Valentino who is said to haunt parts of Glendora as well as the ghost of Lucky Baldwin who haunts in search for the love of his life and the ghost of Lucky's poker pal turned outlaw Jessie James who appears in the old train depot at the Los Angeles Arboretum from time to time. This book is a must have for every ghost book collection"

-Arthur Medford, Saint Augustine, FL
October of 2003 released another Ghostly masterpiece by world renowned psychic/medium and author Michael J. Kouri:
Haunted  Houses  of  Orange  County  is  the  first  comprehensive book about  the  spooky  hideaways,  the  myths  and  legendary ghost stories never  before  revealed  until  now.

You've  read  about  Michael   in   newspaper  articles   and   magazines   and you've   heard   him   on   national   radio   broadcasets  with  George   Noory on  Coast  to Coast,  Mark & Kim on KOST,  with  LeAnn &  Charlie  Tuna  on KBIG,   Michael   Jackson   on   KLAC,  Kevin   &    Beane   on   KROQ   Radio stations  and  seen him on international  television  with the likes of  Barbara Walters,  The  History  Channel invesitgating the ghosts at the world famous Hotel  Del  Coronado  in  San  Diego and many more international shows.

Michael J. Kouri  has  uncovered  more  real  haunted  hot  spots  in America than  any  other psychic/medium  and he has appeared on  more  Television Shows    in   the  country  than  any  other  Psychic / Medium  to  date.     

Haunted Houses of Orange County
is the only book of its kind to reveal the tales associated with the county's most haunted abodes. This little soft cover book features 100 pages filled with stories of real ghosts and  tells the historical accounts of such famous land owners as Jose Yorba, James Irvine and Walt Disney. You'll learn things about them you never knew before and will read about why their ghosts are said to haunt the very empires they built in their lifetimes. Is Disneyland as haunted as their employees believe??? Does Orange County have more spirits than other cities in Southern California???

Are all cemeteries haunted by those buried under their laws???

Michael J. Kouri has put together a 5 year research project with exciting  chapter titles such as; The Tale of Two Yorbas, Haunted Cemeteries,  Haunted Churches, The House that should be Haunted, True Ghost Stories of Mission San Juan Capistrano, Haunted Libraries, The Phantoms of Lake Mission Viejo  just to name a few.

This printers proof copy was created as a test and there are only a few hundred copies left. The full version is slated for release in October of 2004 and will feature more than 300 pages with hundreds of photographs of ghosts, the homes they haunt and much more.

Be one of a handful to order a copy of this first edition and find out why more people search for Michael J. Kouri's books, hire him to investigate their properties and seek for his help in Private Readings than any other psychic/medium in the United States.

You'll be mystified with the tale of a phantom stagecoach hundreds claim to have seen and take a ride to the all American City - Westminster as Michael and two other famous psychics investigate a site said to be the home to the killer of the Black Dahlia - one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles Police history. Could the real killer haunt the very place he lived and killed?  You'll experience leisurely spirits who haunt Leisure World and surfing spirits of Huntington beach and encounter animal spirits like Bubbles the Hippo in Laguna, Alligator spirits in New Port Beach and the ghost of a faithful dog who returns to protect his masters in Orange.

Find out why Fullerton is considered one of the most haunted regions in Orange County per capita and how the majority of residents feel that something is very wrong if your house doesn't have a ghost haunting it. Read about skeletal remains that appeared to have tree roots growing into the eye sockets and learn the truth as to why the dead were buried this way over a hundred years ago. NOTE: Michael J. Kouri's books should NOT be read after dark....
These Printers Proof Copies are available $15.00 each including shipping and California Sales Tax.  100 pages  with over 90 photographs.
You might not want to read it after dark....
True Hauntings of the San Gabriel Valley - A Psychic Medium's Revelations With Real Ghosts, Myths and Legends... over 150 pages  and 250 photos only  soft cover size 8-1/2 X11 $28.00 including shipping and sales tax.

Michael J. Kouri has done it again!
Haunted Houses of Pasadena has sold so overwhelmingly well, it is now in its 4th printing! Order your own copy today!
True Haunting's in the San Gabriel Valley exposes you to some of the most unique tales of real ghosts haunting historical sites. Read about the EMF voices that Michael and his tea captured during their investigations. The hair on your arms will stand at attention as you read through the 13 compelling chapters in this book.

Learn of the most feared bandito in the Wild, Wild, West and the ghosts who haunt the Santa Anita Race Track, The Los Angeles Arboretum, City Hall, a schoolhouse in Glendora and even a department store in Azusa.

This is another Michael J. Kouri masterpiece that will open your eyes to  tales of  ghouls in the cities of Sierra Madre through La Verne and every little town in between.

Discover a ghost town where transparent gold miners, hookers and nuns are seen daily and visit a strange oak tree where the ghost of a farmer and his horse  are felt but there whereabouts can never be found.

Watch for a ghostly stagecoach and visit the former home of an opera legend who's voice is heard whenever the Santa Ana winds blow - even though she's been dead for over 100 years.

Some of the most haunted houses in the country are right here in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley.


True Hauntings of the San Gabriel Valley - A Psychic Medium's Revelations With Real Ghosts, Myths and Legends... over 150 pages  and 250 photos only  soft cover size 8-1/2 X11
$28.00 including shipping and sales tax.