Michael  J.  Kouri,   Parapsychological  Investigator  and  Psychic  Medium  was  informed  of television anchor, Meredith Vieira's  ghosts  in  her home  in  Sleepy  Hollow,  New  York  and asked to come and help her understand who it was and why it was haunting her house.    The producers of "the View"  created a segment that featured Michael showing how a   parapsychological  Investigator  worked, what tools they used and what his psychic impressions would  show  the  audience and  the Vieira's. Michael conducted an investigation at Merediths house and grounds.    He  flew  to  New York investigated her home and grounds,  conducted a Communication  Circle ( a term Michael created to decribe a Seance)  tha tlasted more than 3 hours but the show only showed about 4 minutes of what he incovered. Then to find out if he received any hits he visited several historical  sites  in  Sleepy Hollow.     The investigative experience was invigorating to the cast and crew who told Michael his abilities were astounding! During the investigation the crews equipment failed  repeatedly  and  the  sound  technicians were stumped as to why their brand new batteries had to be continually replaced. What they didn't realize was that whenever there are  ghosts  in  a site,  they  drain  electrical  devices  of  their  power  and  add  a strong Psychic/Medium who is extremely grounded like Michael and the energy is doubly generated.    These types of occurrances are quite common when dealing with the spirit world and are what we call Phenomena but are rarely shown on television. 

Even though the producers of the show aired the segment complete with laugh tracks and the typical disbelieving bantering from the Joy Behar and Star Jones Gals Mereditih  was  gracious, thanked Michael for an incredible job well done  and  mentioned  the  names  of  Michael's  books  at the end of the segment. Michael also predicted teh name of the man who would sweep Star Jones off her feet and of course he was right, the Name was Al or Phil. Cheers to Star! We  received  thousands  of e-mails from around the world. The people of New York City  were  gracious  and  knew who Michael was wherever he went and he was treated like royalty.  One of the highlights of the trip was when Michael was waiting for his Limo in front  of the ABC  studios and two tourists looked at him then up at the giant Digital screen then back at Michael and said "Wow, that's you up there isn't it?" Michael told us it was a lot of fun to see his face appear in  the lights of Broadway athe corner of 42nd Street--perhaps the most famous corner in the world. (See picture below) 

Meredith, Barbara  Walters  and   the   gang   couldn't   wait  to reveal the experience   they   shared  with  Michael  on  their international television show and Meredith repeatedly  deemed:  "Michael  J.  Kouri  was  superb  and very professional to work with,  he revealed  information  he  could  have  never  known about myself, Lisa and Bill and we found what we were looking for."     The View is a very controversial show but was the perfect place to showcase someone like Michael J. Kouri and his unique work.

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             >>> More TELEVISION APPEARANCES<<<

Michael J. Kouri has been seen on many International Television Shows including: "Dead Famous," on the BBC, "Pulse," on Tech T.V., Mona Lisa Television Company of France production of "Ghost Hunters of the World" with Michael J. Kouri and Richard R. Senate.

Michael J. Kouri appears with parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach and Annette Martin at the Moss Beach Distillers in Moss Beach, Ca

Michael was invited to take part in an invesigation of one of the most famous haunted houses in the Bay Area, the Moss Beach Distillery.   Loyd Auerbach invited Michael to join his team of professional psychics and scientists for a rare glimpse into the world of Parapsychology as they executed their skills in front of the camera for Tech- T.V. on the Sci-Fi Network.

Annette Martin immediately went into a trance as did Michael and together they felt the presence of a woman spirit who has haunted the site since the raging roaring 20's. Michael and Psychic/ Sensitive: Neva Turnock felt the presence of a child who was looking for his parents. He was dressed in clothing that predated the 1920's and seemed to be forelorn. 

Scientific assistant Kathy Rehm showed the director and crew how the equipment worked in an environment that is filled with ectoplasmic specters. The needles spiked rapidly for the camera revealing that the electromagnetic energy was in full form that cloudy, rainy day in mid May of 2003.  The director and crew were stunned when the ghost suddenly flipped over an entire row of chairs on the patio of the restaurant. Too bad they didn't have their camera on for that experience. We all laughed with the director showed us his forearm and the hairs standing at attention after thie occurred. 

The show continues to air on Tech-T.V. & the Sci-Fi network.

Michael J. Kouri appears on the Warner Bros. Epic "Ghost Ships"

Join Michael and Loyd Auerbach as they share their knowledge of real ghosts who haunt ships. Michael J. Kouri was featured as a Parapsychological Expert and the show included the talents of fellow psychic Peter Sorraino of Orange County.  Michael shared his knowledge of famous haunted ships including the Flying Dutchman, Titanic and RMS Queen Mary.   

The director and crew weren't shocked as the 999 spirits wreacked havoc over them as they tried to film aboard the Queen Mary's pool area, engine room and other parts of the ship the public rarely get to see. 

This was an incredible experience for everyone on board that day.

This show was originally filmed for the European market and was shown on international flights as a precursor to the Warner Bros. motion picture Ghost Ship.  This show was featured on European television and continues to be broadcast internationally. (repeating on the Travel Channel, History Channel, Home and Garden and mane others)

Richard Senate's Ghost Stalker:  World Famous Ghost Hunter formerly of Ventura California now living in Carson City, NV., invited Michael to be his special guest on his television series.  Be sure to watch your Cable providers list for the show and experience some of the most Haunted sites with Mr. Senate and Michael J. Kouri together.
America's Most Haunted Places - Haunted Alcatraz-San Francisco Segment. Join Michael J. Kouri and other psychics as they visit San Francisco's MOST HAUNTED SITES including Alcatraz Island.                            Currently repeating on the Travel Channel.
The Travel Channel's Places of Mystery a.k.a. Mystic Journey's: 
"Hollywood's Most Haunted Spots" where Michael J. Kouri conducted an on On-camera "communication circle" (seance) on stage at the World Famous Palace Theater surrounded by the theaters employees who have all encountered many spectacular spiritual apparitions throughout the historic theater...Dare to join them on the Travel Channel. (repeating)
FOX Family Channel's - Exploring the Unknown: Hotel Del Coronado Segment: Join Michael J. Kouri as he leads four sensitives on an  spine-tingling haunted house investigation. Watch as they investigate the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.  Too bad FOX Family Channel didn't show the true-to-life, accurate scenes that lay on the editing room floor. Fox is most famous for their scare tactic style shows. Adding fog machines,  large flashlights and so on, "I felt more like one of the Hardy Boys than the real Parapsychological Investigator I am." quoted Michael j. Kouri "We excelled in our findings and many actual spirit photos were taken." Michael J. Kouri loaned the show several of his 35 mm photographs of real spirits from his early investigations. These appeared for the first time on International television. Mr. Kouri was introduced as  a "World Reknowned"Psychic/Medium and Parapsychological Investigator... (repeating)

Watch for these shows around Halloween day and night...if you dare! 

(Right & Below) 
Michael  posing with L.A. Radio personalities. Michael has  appeared on Coast to Coast, KOST, KBIG,  KLAC, KROQ, KPCC and many others around the country. 

 We  all   laughed  a lot  during the   interviews   and   I  enjoyed meeting Charlie Tuna, LeighAnn, Kevin &  Bean  in  person.     The   phone   lines  lit  up  like  a Christmas  Tree  the entire hour I was on - I returned several weeks  later to  the KOST Morning Show with  Barry  Manilow,   Mark  and Kim  and   12   lucky  contestant winners.  It   was   fun reading their aura's (something I'm constatly asked when people realize who I am in public).  I  receive hundreds of emails all year from each of my radio appearances --  

Thanks Guys! It was great!
Michael conducted a Communication Circle for another Travel Channel television show called Mystic Journeys. (Above) Michael convocates with the spirits of film legends like Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and stagehands once associated with the Palace Theater along with 13 of its employees. Michael tried to stop the session, but the spirits didn't want to leave....

Here are a few memorable excerpts from Michael J. Kouri : "I first entered the dark theater at about 5:30 pm. and found that the crew and director had gone to dinner. Perfect, I thought to myself, I could walk through the empty theater to feel the vibrations on my own and get acquainted with the spirits who haunted it. I always ground myself and ask God to protect me from anything that might be of the dark side. You see, I won't work with anything other than those spirits of the light. 

I was met by the owner of the theater who introduced me to several of the employees who would assist and guide me through the various places, which had had the most supernatural experiences. 

Later, when the director and crew returned, we began to set up the Communication Circle, or. Séance, to be held on center stage. They told me that the air conditioning was turned off, yet we all felt a distinct chill in the air.  Even the camera and sound crew felt it and got very frightened. When the sound equipment batteries went dead for the third time, the director called "cut" and we were told that they would have to go out and purchase more batteries to resume with the shoot.

When we resumed, the cameras started to go haywire and it wasn't until I yelled at the spirits to STOP FOOLING AROUND! that things returned to normal and we were able to continue.  When it was time to close the session, several children spirits let us all know that they did not want us to close and leave them there alone in the dark . . .

Watch repeats of this show on the Travel Channel and see for yourself all that took place. 
For more information related to this experience be sure to look for Michael J. Kouri's upcoming book "Haunted Houses of Hollywood." Michael J. Kouri is available for Personal House Blessings, Readings and Haunted House Investigations.  Contact Paul, the Webmaster for pricing of Michael J. Kouri's Tours,  (Be sure and put the words "Haunted House" in the subject window otherwise your email may be deleted before we see it) We receive so much Spam, that unless we see a word that reflects our information on this site we will delete it. and schedule availability information.
(Left)  Michael J. Kouri  was interviewed on the Michael Jackson  Radio show at the Gene   Autry   Museum    of Western  Heritage. Here he poses with Michael Jackson (center) and his aunt Yvette Hampton (Right)
TV and Radio Appearances
Michael J. Kouri Appears on the Barbara Walters Daytime Talk Show "The View" with Meredith Vieira and producer "ViewMaster" Bill Getty This same episode aired many times and Michael received over a million emails from all around the world. Learn more about this show by scrolling down...
Mystic Journeys  Michael J. Kouri appears in Hollywood on the Travel Channel
. . . On the Radio
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Be sure to watch for Michael J. Kouri as he appears on international television shows on networks like: The Sci-Fi channel, Tech T.V., BBC-UK., The Travel Channel, The History Channel, Home and Garden, A&E, Discovery, Fox Family, and many others especially during the Halloween Season.  A few of Michael appearances can be seen on YouTube, too. Check out the program links below. 
Michael J. Kouri has been on numerous international television programs including Barbara Walters daytime talk show "The View," Tech T.V.'s "Pulse," BBC's Two Four production of "Dead Famous,"Warner Bros.  production  of  Ghost Ships, Tech T.V.'s FOX Family Channels "Exploring the Unknown"  and  the  Travel Channel's "Places of Mystery."  He has also been the featured   In-studio   guest on radio stations such as Coast to Coast with George Noory, Home Wizards with Cindy Dole on KFWB, KROQ, KBIG 104.3, KOST 103.5, KLAC with Michael Jackson, KPCC-talk of the city with Kitty Felde, The Mother Love Show and  more.    Michael discussed his opinions of some of the most haunted places in Los Angeles and the country,  took on air phone calls and  shared  his  professional  experiences with  the listeners  who  called in  worldwide.    Michael  continually receives  emails  from all of these shows and his website has been viewed by  millions of  people  who've  heard or seen him on television from all over the world.   Michael  was  invited  back to the KBIG Radio station two weeks later to have Breakfast  with  Barry  Manilow  on  the  air  with contest entry winners. Michael read Barry's  Aura  and  the  contestants. Listen for Michael on more radio programs next year. What radio show will he appear on this year? Check out his calendar...
(left) Michael appeared with Kevin & Beane on KROQ             (right) Michael with Mark & Kim Halloween morning 2003. 
"One of the most exciting highlights of  the  trip to New York was seeing my face  on the  giant  digital screens rolling above the ABC studio  building  on Broadway and  42nd  Streets and  being recognized by the tourists who asked for autographs. 
Michael J. Kouri appeared on the world famous late night radio show: Coast to Coast with George Noory, Wednesday March 10, 2004 from 11pm to 2am. KFI 640 AM.

Michael shared his candid opinions of "real" ghosts and the haunted sites they haunt throughout California and around the country. Michael also shared his adventures as a Psychic/Medium.
Listeners called in to ask Michael questions related to their own encounters with unseen forces....
You can hear this radio interview on the Coast to Coast website.

Visit CoasttoCoastam.com to download the interview from their site

If you'd like to learn more about Michael J. Kouri, reserve your own psychic reading with him, attend a Psychic Lecture or Seminar, host a Psychic Party
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Michael J. Kouri is available for both telephone readings and in person readings all around the world.  
Call our offices in Pasadena, California (626) 791-1129 
M-F 10:00 am - 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time OR
Email Michael J. Kouri directly at:
Host: George Noory

Guest: Michael J. Kouri
Parapsychological Investigator
Psychic/Medium & Published Author

Topic:  Real Haunted Houses in California

Michael appeared the Second time on Coast to Coast on Monday October 15, 2007 for the full 3 hours and received thousands of emails and phone calls from around the globe... Listen to his shows at coasttocoastam.com click on Streamlink and type in Michael's name or the dates. March 10 2004, October 15, 2007
Lights,       Camera,      Action!!!
and  Michael J. Kouri 's Seance
More Letters to Michael J. Kouri

We encourage you to write to Mr. Kouri, but cannot guarantee that every email /letter he receives will be answered on a timely manner due to his heavy professional schedule. 
Dearest Michael, while watching Tech T.V. recently I saw you and Annette Martin investigating an old distillert near San Francisco. My husband and I visited that site years ago while on our honeymoon then settled there when our twins were 11 years old.  My daughter worked there as a waitress for 6 years and saw many unusual things happen there just like you and Annette did. Recently we've had some unusual haunting action take place in our home and I was wondering if you could come up and investigate it for us and perhaps help the spirit find their way to the other side. Though I'm not psychic myself nor are the members of our family,  we think the spirit is an old man since he's made himself present a lot lately. 

we've tried to contact othe rfamous psychics that are more local to us, but none of them have called us back. My friend told me that you were busy but always made time for people and so I'm hoping that you might be able to help us. We're worried about the old man haunting our house especially since he started coming after out grandson was born and the ghost seems to disturb the baby. We tried hanging garlic near his bedroom door and other amulets to no avail. HELP!!! Anna Johnson, Bay Area, Ca.

Dear Anna,
I will be up in the Bay Area next week and am sure I could visit your home, just call or email your phone number to my office so we can connect, Many Blessings Michael.

Dear Michael, Thank You, Thank You Thank You! You are one Amazing young man... I cannot express enough thanks to you for hlping our family with our haunted house. I know the investigation and releasing session took more time than anyone could expect but it worked. Our property seems so much safer and at peace now that you've been here. I've forwarded a copy of my experience to George Noory and hope he'll have you on his show again real soon because your rare talents are needed around the world and everyone should know who you are and more about your amazing gifts. Anna and John Johnson, Bay Area, Ca.

Dear Johnson Family, Thank you for such kind words, I enjoyed meeting you all too and am glad I could help your spirit make his way into the afterlife. Anna's cooking was simply scrumptous - you really should open a Bed and Breakfast, I would certainly visit often! I'd love your recipe for your bosenberry muffins, Michael. 
Michael, enjoyed hearing you on Coast to Coast. We hunt and investigate the unknown in NW Missouri. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit a little town in Iowa where a famous mansion filled with spirits is. The house was AMAZING! We'd like to know if you'd ever consider coming here to help investigate it further. I just know that the spirits need your help and would finally be able to find peace if you did. - Mike P., Missouri

Hi Mike,
I'd love to come to Iowa and investigate the site with you and your team, lcall my office next week and we can look at our clanedars and schedule a date, Michael J. Kouri 

My name is Mr. H., and I work for a psychiatric facility in Marion, Indiana for the criminally insane and terminally ill medical patients. It is a U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Hospital which was established originally in 1881 to treat and care for aging Civil Was veterans. Our facility is over 160 acres, with approximately 60 buildings. All but 1 of these original buildings are still standing. Attached to our facility is National Cemetery where over 1000 veterans are buried, including 4 medal of honor winners. The burials include Spanish American War vets, Civil War, Vietnams, Korea, WWI, WWII, Beirut, Desert Storm and every conflict the U.S. has ever been involved with.

The original lobotomy surgical suite is still intact and is extremely haunted. They used to use Kerosene lanterns in there and the black marks are still visible on the ceilings. In its basement is the original morgue in which TB patients were stored before burial next door. They did shock therapy here too and many people claim to hear screaming in the empty buildings day and night.

While most of the buildings were closed in the late 1940's, it's amazing that no one has ever developed mesothelioma from working in those still in use  through the 130 years they've been standing. Anyway, I work for the security/police section of this facility. My fellow officers and I are the only people who now walk the halls of these huge buildings. They have all been secured with a key code security that only we, the offices have access to. Because we work directly for the director, many of the stations darkest secrets are entrusted to us, and we have all heard strange noises, seen faces and disembodied people floating down the halls. We've heard the sounds of someone pounding on the walls of locked rooms and when they are unlocked no one living is ever found.

This summer, all of these buildings are going to be destroyed and demolished. This is why I'm contacting you, Mr. Kouri. No officer has ever acknowledged in public any event I've just described and that will likely never change. However, I am willing to acknowledge to you events which I personally observed in face to face private conversation only if you will come and investigate the site with me. I'm forwarding this information to you through George Noory at Coast to Coast as he may want to join you here. Please get in touch with me ASAP - I really think you need to see this before it's gone forever.  Mr. H.
*** While this letter was very interesting, we tried numerous times to get in touch with "Mr. H," to no avail and wondered how much of his story is true. In this line of work one gets thousands of letters just like this one, from people who mean well but aren't all there...If he's out there and is for real, I wish him all the luck in finding the truth he seeks...***

WOW Michael, it seems like you are in the room talking to me personally instead of talking with George Noory and millions of listeners world wide. Keep up the good work, fantastic interview!!! I'm enjoying this very much and hope that George Noory will have you on for a double or triple session sometime very soon. I was looking forward to hearing more about the haunted houses you've investigated along with information about your psychic abilities and your incredibly exciting life. Thanks! -Gary K., Ventura Ca.

When will you be featured on Coast to Coast again Michael. I've been listening to this show for years and you are the BEST guest they've ever had on their show. You're high energy, honesty and care for those living in haunted houses as well as helping the spirits comes across so loud and clear. We definitely need more good people like you in the world.! -Sharon H., Spokane, WA

Forget the nasty emails, you are definitely the Best Guest George has ever had on his show to date...
-Annie H. San Jose, Ca.

Hello, I am hoping you can help my family. I lost my lovely daughter on the evening of March 19th 2004, She WA just 35 and we can't understand what happened., I need to know how she dies & if she is ok now, also, how can I best help her husband and 3 children as well as her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews to move ahead with their lives? If need be, I can bring you here to our town if you think you'd have a better chance of connecting with her energy in person rather than in a telephone reading.

- Sharon R. Wisconsin

*** Dear Sharon, my deepest sympathy to you and your family for your sudden loss. I'd be more than happy to try to help you all with your situation through my psychic abilities. Please contact me directly so that we can look at our calendars. Remember, everyone must leave at some point in their lives. We never really know when that time will come and we must always try to live as if we are prepared to accept the difficulties in life. Remind your loved ones of how much their mother and aunt loved them. Never let them forget how she encouraged them in the short time they knew her. Love is always helps.  You'll be in my prayers, Michael J. Kouri

I'm so glad George Noory had you on his show tonight. I've been hoping that they would have someone with your credentials for a long time now, but was disappointed that you didn't get to finish talking about the haunted houses in California. And why didn't George let you finish telling us about Marilyn Monroe and the Communication Circle you did for her in Hollywood? I really wish George would invite you back for an entire night of conversations of ghosts and haunted places. that would be so cool! I could listen to your sweet voice for hours. Your life is parallel to my own. I always thought I was weird, but hearing you talk so candidly about your own life has helped me to understand mine too. Thank you and God Bless, Michael    -Ron G. Tenn.

*** Thanks Ron, I'm glad I was able to help you, too! Michael ***

Dear Michael, I listened to your session with George Noory on his Coast to Coast Program the other night and just loved your presentation and your wonderful person that came through so well! Thank you for a wonderful evening and for sharing with all of us your wonderful gifts of extra vision and communications. I'm visiting your Website now and seeing your books and your beautiful CD's and Jewelry. As the days come along I look forward to purchasing some of them. You mentioned on the air that night that some people had emailed you some rather nasty messages and I was very surprised to hear that the radio station didn't block them from you. So I decided that I would write yo you and tell you how much I loved"meeting you" over the course of the program and loved hearing your life adventures and experiences. Thank you again so very much for sharing all these so beautifully with us. I hope that George will invite you back on the show sometime soon. perhaps around Halloween would be great! 
With so many Best, Best wishes to you, -Mary Mc C., Sydney Australia

Dear Sir,
Fantastic Show!!! You've really got to come and visit Pilegerruh Cemetery (Pilgrims Rest) The Pilgrims are not at rest and could use your help. - Mark P. Valleyview, Ohio.

Dear Michael, I'm sure you'll have a flood of emails coming to you after this incredible show so feel free to contact me when you can.
I am sure my son is psychic, but don't know where to send him to get the proper training he needs to learn how to use his abilities in a good way such as you do. We are "very " Catholic and have refrained of talking to anyone at our parish about his special gifts. Can you help us or point un in the direction of people like you  in our area of the country? You are a gift from God, keep up the good works. - Eric B., Gary, In.

Thanks Gary, I appreciate your kind words, I work with children all the time and would be more than happy to help you and your family as well. Please call my office at your convenience so we can look at my calendar to schedule an appointment. 
Many Blessings to you and yours, Michael J. Kouri

Michael appeared on The X Zone Radio Show with Rob Mc Connell, however never heard a thing from any listeners. The shows producer Mrs. Mc Connell and Rob claim their show is aired world-wide. Has anyone ever heard it? Michael always receives some sort of email whenever he appears on radio and television. We've tried to email this couple and they never return our emails anymore. Funny, but we're wondering if this is a Twilight Zone Radio Station- Is the X Zone in an X Zone, or is it for real?  Let us know if you're heard the show.  Their website claims that Rob is the Art Bell of Canada?  Whatever the case, it was a wonderful interview ...perhaps the world will never know!
(Above Right ) Michael converses with the ghost of a child at the Queen Mary Pool in Long Beach, Ca. with his team of investigators - Orbs were everywhere.
Michael investigates the sets of Disney's Haunted Mansion Movie in Hollywood, Ca
(Above and Right) Michael investigates the sets of the Haunted Mansion Movie where employees swore they saw and felt real ghosts playing tricks on them. Do you see any ghosts in this picture with Michael?
(Left) Michael appeared on the Lovelines show on KROQ with Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky on Halloween night (2004) from 10 to Midnight!
World Renowned Psychic Medium, Author & Parapsychological Investigator
 Watch for Michael on the numerous TV shows he's been feature on. Many are now in syndication on a variety of channels, some are now available on YouTube. 
 Michael has appeared on dozens of Radio and TV shows during his career.  

Michael appeared on the Gene Simmons Family Jewels TV show to air on A&E. here he poses with Gene and Shannon Tweed on the Queen Mary Ship
Michael conducted a Seance for Gene, Shannon and AJ in one of the most Haunted rooms aboard the Queen Mary... Gene was very frightened with the outcome.  Copy and paste the  link below into your browser  to catch a glimpse of Michael J. Kouri in action with Gene Simmons on the very haunted Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach, Ca. https://youtuberxo9uY4RrPs
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(Above) Michael J. Kouri takes  moment out of his time in he Disney booth at the 2014 Comikaze Convention to pose with fellow Disney celebrities Terri Harden, Mark Silverman, & Rick Farmiloe. Each of thee Disney Celebrities were hosted by Linda Swisher.

Watch for Book II To be released in 2017